What is Rocket Power? 

Rocket Power is a Freestyle academy that teaches how to excel in Freestyle sports. Freestyle is used to describe sports competitions, especially in swimming, wrestling, and skiing, in which competitors can use any style or method that they like when they take part in the sport. Our program is designed to capture the excitement and fast pace of Freerunning, Ninja Warrior, and Parkour. Through a mix of dynamic games, skills, progressions and challenges, participants will develop their coordination, strength and agility. Athletes will get their heart racing and develop a heightened sense of spatial awareness that can be put to good use in a variety of other sports! We are currently offering Freestyle Parkour classes and in the future we look forward to offering additional programs including, "Freestyle Grappling," "Freestyle Surfing," "Freestyle Snowboarding," and "Freestyle Skateboarding" lessons. We have an accomplished staff with years of training and success in Freestyle Sports that are ready to train your child to be the next generation of freestyle athletes. 

What is Freestyle? 

Freestyle is an exciting and fast growing activity. It's a modern form of movement training that combines traditional Tumbling, dynamic acrobatic tricks, and strength movements. Alternative sports like Freestyle have seen rapid growth in popularity in part due to the creativity and self-expression they offer. Participants are encouraged to pick skills and movements they want to incorporate into their lives, drawing from a diverse range of other sports. 

Who can benefit from Rocket Power? 

We encourage athletes from all walks of life to join our program. Everything learned will cross over into whatever activity you are involved in. Our mission is to help you become the best version of yourself. 

● Dancers, Cheerleaders and Gymnasts will benefit from our tumbling program with open floor space, skill building tumbling mats and our super trampoline! 

● Skateboarders, Snowboarders, Skiers, Surfers, Wakeboarders have the perfect training ground to perfect Aerial maneuvers on our super trampoline and AirBag landing surface. 

● Martial Arts students get to train their flipping and rolling elements while gaining strength and body awareness in a fun environment. 

● Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, and other highschool sports players will gain confidence in their discipline through obstacle training and skills learned with jumping, landing, flipping,rolling, hanging, swinging and climbing. It's the perfect cross training! 

● Babies can start our program at the early age of 18 months! These classes are parent and me and stop at age 3. Perfect for getting your child a jumpstart into developing their fine motor skills! 

Training Equipment:

● Professional Super Trampoline

● Tumbling/Parkour/Ninja Warrior Mats- crash mats, octagons, blocks, cheese mats,

panel mats

● Padded floors and walls

● Airbag landing surface for learning new tricks (similar to a block pit)

● Parkour/Ninja Warrior Monkey bars (Coming Soon)

● Swinging Rings (Coming Soon)

● Rope Swing (Coming Soon)

● Balance beam

● Balance Bars

● Rock Wall (Coming Soon)