Join us every Saturday at our open gym

Welcome to Rocket Power Academy's Open Gym! Every Saturday, children aged 4-15 are invited to experience the thrill of freestyle athletics first-hand. Our Open Gym sessions offer a safe and supportive environment for newcomers to explore the exciting world of Rocket Power.

Join us to discover the benefits of Open Gym! It's the perfect opportunity for beginners to sample various activities under the guidance of our experienced coaches. From mastering basic movements to attempting advanced techniques, participants can find what resonates most with their interests and abilities.

At Rocket Power, we prioritize fostering social connections and building confidence. Open Gym allows children to interact with peers who share their interests, forming friendships and learning from one another in a collaborative atmosphere.

Parents also benefit from Open Gym sessions, as they have the opportunity to observe their child's progress and interact with our coaches to learn more about our programs and philosophy.

Experience the supportive community that defines Rocket Power Academy firsthand. Our Open Gym sessions create a welcoming space where everyone feels valued and inspired to reach their goals.

Join us this Saturday and ignite your child's passion for freestyle athletics at Rocket Power Academy's Open Gym! Don't miss out on this enriching experience for children of all skill levels.