Class Types

 ● Freestyle- Ages 5-Adult. Come learn all the basics of Tricking in a less formal way. Your heart will race as you combine Tricking in Ninja Warrior and Parkour type obstacle courses. That means less time waiting in line and standing still. Skills will be learned and implemented into our exciting obstacle courses as you go. 

● Tricking- Ages 8-Adult. Focus is more on learning basic Flipping in open floor space and trampoline. Perfect for dancers, cheerleaders and gymnasts that need to incorporate more advanced Aerials into their routines. 

● Open Gym- Ages 3-10.Ages 10-Adult. Enjoy our facility at your own pace while supervised by one of our instructors. 

● Dynamic Duo (Little Astronauts)- Ages 1.5-3. 45 min. Class is guided by an instructor as you help your child run through exciting obstacle courses and learn simple tumbling skills! You will be amazed at how fast your child’s fine motor skills develop as they become strong and confident! (Morning Hours)

 ● Toddler (Space Cadets)-Ages 3-4. 60 min. Your child continues to learn basic tumbling skills through obstacle course training and fun games as your watch from the sideline.